We Are The UX Studio

We are The UX Studio, a User Experience & Digital Design Agency located in Galway, Ireland that prioritises two areas: experience and interface. We would love to work with you!

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2018 - Shortlisted

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2018 - Winner

Best Emerging Enterprise Galway Chamber

2018 - Winner

Women in Tech

2018 - Shortlisted

Best Emerging Enterprise SFA

2018 - Winner

What we do

Human-machine interfaces are essential tools in today’s workplace – done right, they enhance productivity, accuracy, safety, employee satisfaction and control. Making it easy, intuitive and enjoyable for people to interact with machines is the name of today’s game.

When you offer custom services and products, any old off-the-shelf or open source software to express the unique selling proposition of your brand just won’t do. Brilliant bespoke software design prioritises your users’ needs within the fabric of your business goals and sales objectives, and results in forward-thinking, innovative technological solutions.

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