Sectors We Work In


We work with the world's largest medical device companies to deliver high-quality HMI design services for large SCADA systems down to single machine HMIs. Our process centres around Primary User Centred Research. Understanding the application, environment, users of the system, and the nature of their usage is critical to the successful development and implementation of an HMI system for medical devices.

Manufacturing and Automation

We work with manufacturing and automation companies to integrate UX right from the start of the product development to help improve the efficiency of products and delights the end users. Our UX solutions for manufacturing deliver efficient supply chains, operational excellence, scalable solutions along with the best customer experience. Our UX solutions weed out the operational challenges and help you run your business smoothly. improve productivity at your business. A UX-powered supply chain management system can deliver efficient integration and manufacturing intelligence to your business.


The UX Studio use proven workflow to design human-centred financial interfaces. We create human centred digital products that solve real customer problems using outstanding digital product designs and user centred design process. We focus on pain points and process before we begin working on solution.


Retail is a fast-moving, highly dynamic sector that has seen some fundamental changes in recent years in the way consumers shop and engage in-store and online. We innovate solutions to help you to move to omni-channel retailing and automation; and create digital micro moments, which enables a seamless customer experience across a range of shopping and engagement channels.


User Experience strategy and design are an integral part of the software development process. Well designed software should be intuitive. A great user experience is an essential component of a quality software product and provides a sustainable strategic advantage that differentiates a product from those of a company’s competitors.


Standard ERP solutions are often cumbersome as they don’t provide real-time visibility into warehouse activity, worker locations, and performance metrics. Our UX process allows us to design innovative, user-friendly software solutions and automated logistics processes for effective warehouse management.


As with any complicated, sophisticated, and feature-rich environment such as farm management applications, interfaces, and connected services, UX research and design play important roles. We work with farmers and those involved in agribusiness to help increase yield, reduce time, and save costs.


Offer your users best-in-class solutions, encompassing emerging trends in the connected vehicle ecosystem. We will help you to enhance user satisfaction with your product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product.