Software UX & UI

Applying the principles of UX to the design of HMIs increases productivity and prevents downtime.

When you offer custom services and products, any old off-the-shelf or open source software to express the unique selling proposition of your brand just won’t do. Brilliant bespoke software design prioritises your users’ needs within the fabric of your business goals and sales objectives, and results in forward-thinking, innovative technological solutions.


UX-driven solutions are born from data and insight. Our proprietary research methods reveal astute, actionable connections between end-users’ preferences, habits and emotions and future behaviour trends. This helps us developa deep understanding of your business objectives, opportunities and challenges.

Ideation & Strategy (User Empathy)

Using the knowledge gleaned from extensive research and usability testing, we create rich personas and journey maps to bring your ideal customers to life. These vivid tools allow us to devise nuanced strategy for an intuitive and enjoyable interface that removes users’ pain points/challenges and delivers greater satisfaction

Co-Creation Workshop

An enjoyable, innovative Design Thinkingprocess, this collaborative workshop brings our key designers together with your team members to discover important aspects and features to best shape your project’s concept phase. The fruits of this dynamic session help establish your brand firmly at theforefront of next-generation products

Site Maps & Wireframes

Wireframes and information architecture are the foundation of successful digital designs, allowing us to evaluate functionality and user flows in dynamic ways. We make rapid design iterations based on the input from your team, so you get an immediate view of how intuitively and seamlessly your end product will perform

Visual Designs & Iterations

While the interaction design provides the foundation for your product, well-guided visualdesign can create confidence and positive perceptions about your brand. We devise innovative visual design directions that build on and enhance evidence-driven interaction design

Development, Evaluation & Testing

With 11+ years’ development experience, we have hands-on expertise in leading-edge technologies, including implementing them at scale. We have developed bespoke solutions using WordPress for some of the world’s leading companies, SMEs and startups. We also have extensive experience working with a multitude of payment gateway providers such as Realex, Paypal and Stripe
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