User Experience & Design

Proper UX Design is a thing of beauty, marrying aesthetics with thoughtful action. Spun from equal parts data and delight, it entices and encourages eager engagement by your customers with your products and services. At The UX Studio, we see your project in its entirety through your users’ eyes, from the earliest inklings of awareness through purchase and on through to reflection and repeat business. Each part of the UX equation matters, as when all add up to a seamless, satisfying experience, you win the hearts of customers – and bolster your bottom line.

User Centered Research

While some enjoy throwing things together and tossing it against a wall to see if it sticks, we prefer to begin the design process with a thoughtful mixture of investigative and generative (read: brainstorming) methods to reveal necessary ingredients for digital designs that your customers hunger for. This includes extensive surveying and testing your existing products and the competition’s as well, both with actual users and virtually via analytics, heat maps and scroll maps, and other online barometers of consumer sentiment.

UX Strategy

UX strategy is the roadmap that connects your business objectives to your users’ needs. Uniting the two is a detailed process, one that includes talking to all kinds of users, from primary stakeholders to users who want relief for their real-world challenges and pain points. We work hard to derive the right UX strategy for your project so that it drives a validated solution that fills a gap in the marketplace, paving the way to the best design for your product.

Low Fidelity Prototyping

Low fidelity prototyping has high value on the road to developing a digital product that is truly user friendly. It can be as simple as a sketch that represents the key characteristics of the product, making it quick, easy and inexpensive to kick collaboration into high gear as we test out broad concepts.

Hi-fidelity Prototyping

High fidelity prototyping takes designs out of development and approximates the real deal. Back to the user experience – just because you build it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. Hi-fi prototyping allows us to test drive your digital design, from interactive elements to animations, transitions and even details like color and layouts. This gives us meaningful feedback and also provides an excellent way for you to get your stakeholders, clients and investors excited about what’s to come.

Interaction Design

How users interact with your digital product is a main component of UX. In fact, it’s so key that there’s a special name for it: Interaction Design (IXD). Our designers take a deep dive into how people will interact with your product, starting with wireframes and going all the way to both lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes. With the information we get from genuine user experience, we’re able to provide all you need to make smart decisions about final – and best case – functionality.

Extensive User Testing & Analysis

Design is an iterative process, and we are constantly on the hunt for ways we can improve your users’ experience. We gather critical usability information using tools such as paper prototyping, surveys, interviews, focus groups and even eye tracking. Then we bring a robust analysis to ensure the final product solves your customers’ challenges and pain points, and brings makes interacting easy and enjoyable.

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