Websites & E-Commerce

Websites & E-Commerce

Once upon a time, anyone could slap together coloured tables, unconsidered text, confusing navigation, disorganised shops and badly created logos and call it a website. Today’s crowded, competitive world of digital marketing and eCommerce demands an easy, intuitive user experience. It takes a master digital architect to construct a distinctive, creative online home base for your business that entices mobile users to stop clicking around and settle in on your site. From foundation through to fruition, we specialise in designing and building user-focused websites that connect and convert.

User Centered Research

In the fight for your customers’ hearts competitor analysis is essential to build a strategic website plan. From concept through wireframes to launch, we consider your users above all else: their demographics, habits and desires, challenges and pain points. We then analyse all crucial measurements, from Google analytics and user behaviour indicators to real feedback from surveys and focus groups, to tailor your site so it delivers the most dynamic, user friendly experience possible for your audience.

Digital Strategy & Planning

11If you think your customers are seeking a particular product or service, you’d only be partially right: what they’re really shopping for is the fastest, simplest way to choose and buy online whatthey need. To gain and retain customers, the most important commodity you can offer is a positive user experience. We ensureyour customer journey is intuitive, accessible and frictionless every step of the way, with helpful features and smart tech that deliver a custom experience to your users.

User Interface Design

Our version of “pretty” isn’t just about the look of your site, but also about how simple, intuitive, secure and enjoyable it is to interact with its features, including shopping functionality if your site supports online sales. Style and substance go hand in hand when it comes to excellent UI design, so we make sure that looking at your site and using it, are equally easy in the eyes (and hands) of the beholders: your customers.

Responsive Design

Today there are literally thousands of devices that people on the go use to surf the internet is a simple fact – yet ensuring your website looks stellar on any size screen can be a complex challenge. We have to bring our extensive experience with leading-edge responsive design to ensure a smooth, seamless, mobile presence for your website on any device.

Web Development

One of the best aspects of modern web development is that it’s infinitely scalable and totally modular… yet building it on the right framework so it provides you with maximum speed, ease and flexibility over time is an art. Through a deeply collaborative and inventive process, we’ll build you a responsive, mobile-first, custom site that’s easy to update and maintain by you, providing you with optimal value for your web development budget.

Security and Privacy

In an age of privacy and security concerns, assuring your customers that their online purchases are safe and protected is a massively important element to consider in your eCommerce design. It’s also an issue of compliance, which can be a expensive oversight if ignored. We use leading-edge technology to safeguard your sales process, secure your site and ensure you’re adhering to all regulations.

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